The World of Aarde Awaits

Your Saga Begins Here

A myriad of civilizations comprised of man and beast in all manner once inhabited these lands. Many of these civilizations have now been lost to time or disaster.

As part of the renowned Heroes Guild, you will be able to explore and uncover these lost worlds while on your travels. Your journey begins westwards, where you must first safely escort a supply ship to the Andra, a young and unexplored continent.

An Homage to Classic RPGs

Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds features a tactical turn-based battle system and extensive player and companion customization. Gear your party with the thousands of items you can find, then do battle using skills from ten different schools.

Experience the lore of Aarde through the game’s main story, optional quests, thoughtfully crafted dialogue trees and item descriptions, as well as interacting with the environment during exploration.

Gather your heroes

Recruit your Companions

Scattered throughout Aarde are a diverse group of recruitable companions. Can you discover them all and convince them to join your cause?

Customize your Party

Each companion gains their own stats, skills, and items—just like your player character! Build them in any way you like, but don’t forget to fully utilize their exclusive skills!

More Than Friends

Your companions are more than just allies in battle. Learn their backstories, experience their side quests, and engage in hours of meaningful dialogue.

Earn your fortune

Master Worldly Professions

Mine, fish, cook, craft, gather herbs, brew potions, enchant your gear, or even pick someone’s pocket while they’re not looking. Become adept at any of the numerous professions available, and you will most certainly be rewarded.

Gather, Craft & Trade

Certain professions will allow you to extract materials from the environment around you. Use those materials in crafting to obtain powerful items or use your wiles of mercantilism to turn a profit and stockpile your silver.

Vanquish Perilous Foes

Those in search of renown may seek out perilous battles—optional boss fights that require powerful equipment and deep strategic planning to overcome. Earn rewards while having your feats acknowledged by the characters in the world.

Unearth Hidden Treasures

There is loot to be found everywhere—some in plain sight, or else stashed in treasure rooms, secret passageways, or places that require you to decipher a puzzle to get to. Pay attention to items, dialogue, and the environment to find them all.

Gauntlet Mode

Another Way to Play

The Gauntlet is a thrilling roguelike-style survival game mode that utilizes the characters and companions you’ve built in Story Mode. Do battle with your carefully crafted team of heroes and see exactly how far your skills will take you.

Build your Party

Descend the labyrinth with your party of ten. Bring 4 to do battle and 2 to provide bonuses as supporters, while the rest remain on the bench as reserves to be tagged in between levels.

Bolster your Party

Spend your hard-earned silver at various merchants to purchase temporary perks that will buff or provide other bonuses to your party. Discover new synergies and formulate entirely new ways to do battle using upgrades and your existing skills.