A classic fantasy RPG integrated with the Solana blockchain

Claim your Guild Hero

Play with your Hero in the upcoming fantasy RPG, Guild Saga!
  • Detailed generative pixel art NFTs, with over 700 available traits, that can be used in the Solana-integrated version of Guild Saga.
  • Using a Hero NFT in game provides a significant earnings boost.
  • When not using them in game (and pre-release), players can send their Heroes on quests in World Mode to receive passive $GGLD, $GGEM, and loot (item NFTs). Try out World Mode now at world.guildsaga.com.

Get your Hero on Magic Eden, Solanart , or Fractal NFT marketplaces.


Guild Saga features turn-based, tactics-style combat heavily inspired by classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre as well as modern CRPGs like Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity.

Open World

Guild Saga takes full advantage of the opportunities that blockchain integration provides to incentivize exploration. Plenty of (tokenized) treasure, quests, and easter eggs lay concealed across Guild Saga’s sprawling open world, ready for discovery by only the most inquisitive adventurers.

Play to Earn

In Guild Saga, players have true ownership over the fruits of their in-game achievements. Players earn tokens and tokenized (NFT) loot across three primary modes: a lengthy single player story, a gauntlet-style PVE arena, and a PVP ranked ladder.


The story of Guild Saga is thoughtfully written with branching dialogue and meaningful decision-making. A lowly member of the Heroes Guild, the player character is surprised when they are selected as a field agent to journey to the Andra, a young continent where mysterious and destructive occurrences are transpiring beyond the bounds of civilization.

Game-ready NFTs randomly generated from over 700 possible traits!

Guild Hero NFTs have 18 attributes, with the inventory view background colour indicating their quality (common, uncommon, rare, etc). The border of each NFT indicates its overall rarity level, determined by summing the quality of each item.



  • Extended Gameplay Video

    July 2022

    An extended gameplay video of the opening part of the Tales of Respite demo, showcasing character creation, NFT import, dialogue, battles, quests, cinematic events, exploration, looting, and more.

  • Story Mode Alpha

    August 2022

    A playable web build featuring approximately 1 hour of Story mode gameplay.

  • Arena Mode Alpha

    Q4 2023

    A public alpha for Guild Saga's roguelike gauntlet mode, where players fight through waves of progressively more difficult rounds of enemies across a variety of battlefields.

  • Tales of Respite


    A feature-complete 10 hour + demo showcasing the opening Act of the game, Tales of Respite. In addition to providing users with an early look at the game, Tales of Respite will serve as the game's beta: a testing environment aimed at effective skill balancing, detecting bugs, studying earning patterns, and soliciting feedback on game features and mechanics.

  • PVP Mode Alpha


    In the PVP mode, players compete against each other in four-on-four battles (with one player controlling all four characters on each side) on battlefields similar to those in the single-player arena mode.


  • Heroes Guild (NFT Staking)

    May 2022

    At the Heroe's Guild, holders of a Hero NFT can send their Hero on quests. While on a quest, Heroes will earn $GGLD, $GGEM, and loot (item NFTs).

  • Blacksmith (NFT Crafting)

    October 2022

    At the blacksmith, users can combine loot/item NFTs. The item NFTs used to craft are burned and the user receives a new, higher-level item in their place.

  • Dismantling (NFT Deconstruction)

    Q2 2022

    Break down specific item NFTs to receive crafting materials at the Blacksmith.

  • Profession Quests

    Q4 2023

    Send your Heroes on mining, fishing, and woodcutting quests, which require specific item (tool) NFTs to complete, and which reward players predetermined crafting material yields.

  • Town Square (Item and Mercenary NFT Marketplace)


    The town square is the Newacre's marketplace. Here, users can purchase and sell loot and mercenary NFTs on Guild Saga's $GGLD token marketplace.

  • Catacombs (Mercenary NFT Summoning)

    Q2 2023

    At the Catacombs, players can summon Mercenary NFTs using $GGLD, $GGEM, and a Mercenary catalyst. A Hero NFT is also required to act as the summoner, but is not consumed.

  • Player's Keep (Base-building and Quests)


    Players can build up their Keep and its defenses with custom upgrades and Mercenaries, and enter auto-battles against other nearby keeps to earn rewards. A Keep NFT, which will set out the Keep's location and base attributes, will be mintable prior to launch.

  • Royal Bank ($GGLD Staking)


    At the Royal Bank, users can open a vault and deposit $GGLD. Upon deposit, the $GGLD is locked up and earns the user passive $GGLD over time in an amount proportional to the amount staked.


  • Item Database

    May 2022

    A database of all Guild Saga items, including artwork, descriptions, and stats.

  • Lore Wiki

    August 2022

    A wiki detailing the lore of Guild Saga, including major characters, locations, factions, legends, and historical events.

  • Skill Database

    Q4 2022

    A database of all Guild Saga skills, talents, tools, and titles.

  • Hero Database


    A database of all Guild Saga Hero NFTs, including the Heroes' real power ranking and owner.

  • Hero Profile Pictures


    Guild Saga Hero profile pictures will be generated for each Hero NFT. These images will be freely available for use in the Hero Database and not part of a seperate mint.

Fully-Customizable Character

Select gender, skin tone, eye colour, and hairstyle in Guild Saga’s flexible character creator. Changes to clothing, head equipment, back equipment, boots, and weapons are visible on the in-game character—all thanks to tens of thousands of hand-drawn sprites by our world-class Lead Pixel Artist.


Players can band together in Guilds and complete guild-specific quests to earn tokens for themselves and their guild’s treasury. Guild wars provide players with the opportunity to pillage the coffers of rival guilds through PVP battles.

Diverse Build Potential

Players can mix and match skills from 10 different schools to create unique builds and execute powerful skill combinations.