An NFT-based fantasy RPG built on the Solana blockchain

Claim your Guild Hero

Play with your Hero in the upcoming Solana play-to-earn fantasy RPG, Guild Saga!
  • Detailed generative pixel art NFTs that can be imported into the game on release
  • Over 700 available traits, with all equipment (except jewelry, belt, and gloves) being displayed in both on-character and inventory form
  • Early-game advantage and exclusive content
  • Staking: Prior to the release of the game, Hero Holders can send their Hero NFT on quests to receive passive $GGLD as well as item NFTs.
  • In-game earning boost

Get your Hero on Magic Eden, Solanart, or Fractal NFT marketplaces.


Guild Saga features turn-based, tactics-style combat heavily inspired by classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre as well as modern CRPGs like Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity.

Open World

Guild Saga takes full advantage of the opportunities that blockchain integration provides to incentivize exploration. Plenty of (tokenized) treasure, quests, and easter eggs lay concealed across Guild Saga’s sprawling open world, ready for discovery by only the most inquisitive adventurers.

Play-to-Earn Mechanics

In Guild Saga, players have true ownership over the fruits of their in-game achievements. Players earn tokens and tokenized (NFT) loot across three primary modes: a lengthy single player story, a gauntlet-style PVE arena, and a PVP ranked ladder.


The story of Guild Saga is thoughtfully written with branching dialogue and meaningful decision-making. A lowly member of the Heroes Guild, the player character is surprised when they are selected as a field agent to journey to the Andra, a young continent where mysterious and destructive occurrences are transpiring beyond the bounds of civilization.


1. Mint the Heroes of the Guild

Guild Heroes will be randomly generated from over 700 possible traits.

Although NFTs will be in static, PNG form, our art generation script also creates a four-frame animated GIF for every Guild Hero. Animated Heroes will be viewable on our website.

In total, over 3000 detailed and hand-drawn sprites comprise this NFT release.

2. Online Hero, Item and Skill Databases

View your Hero on our website in their fully-animated glory, together with their stats.

In conjunction with the Hero Database, we will implement a database for all items, equipment, and skills that includes the artwork, descriptions, effects, lore, and stats.

3. Lore Wiki

On, a wiki will be created consisting of characters, concept art, guilds, houses, locations, and other key parts of the Guild Saga world to provide context and meaning to your Heroes and items.

4. Pre-release Quests

Prior to the release of the game, Hero Holders can send their Hero NFT on quests to receive passive $GGLD as well as intermittent item NFTs. NFT staking will begin after the $GGLD IDO and prior to the release of the full game.

When Heroes are sent on quests (staked), they will bring loot back to the holder from time to time in the form of item NFTs. These might include a skillbook, equipment piece, consumable or other item NFT. For example, a lower level drop may be a medium health potion, while a more fortunate holder might receive a skillbook which can be consumed to learn a powerful skill, or a rare key to access a locked chest or dungeon. Each airdropped NFT will be able to be imported and used in Guild Saga on release.

5. Guild Saga Demo: Tales of Respite

Guild Saga's demo, titled "Tales of Respite" will feature:
  • The first few hours of story mode content, including a small open world with a main storyline, meaningful decision points, optional side quests, NPCs, conversations, activities (fishing, mining, crafting etc.), puzzles, rare loot, and plenty of battles; and
  • An early iteration of the PVE gauntlet mode.

In addition to providing users with an early look at the game, Tales of Respite will serve as the game's beta: a testing environment aimed at effective skill balancing, detecting bugs, studying earning patterns, and soliciting feedback on game features and mechanics. For more information on the upcoming demo, please check out our Whitepaper.

Fully-Customizable Character

Select gender, skin tone, eye colour, and hairstyle in Guild Saga’s flexible character creator. Changes to clothing, head equipment, back equipment, boots, and weapons are visible on the in-game character—all thanks to tens of thousands of hand-drawn sprites by our world-class Lead Pixel Artist.


Players can band together in Guilds and complete guild-specific quests to earn tokens for themselves and their guild’s treasury. Guild wars provide players with the opportunity to pillage the coffers of rival guilds through PVP battles.

Diverse Build Potential

Players can mix and match skills from 10 different schools to create unique builds and execute powerful skill combinations.



Creative Director


Lead Programmer


Fullstack Dev
Backend/Web/Game Systems


Blockchain Dev
Rust, Smart Contracts


Lead Pixel Artist
Game Dev


Game dev


Community Team


Community Manager
Marketing and Outreach

R. Small

Community Team

Kato Ayaka

Promotional Artist
Concept Artist

Tim de Man



Sound Designer

Luca Stoica

Pixel Artist


Narrative Design


Frontend Dev

Patrick Hailla

Concept Artist